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We donate $1 from every sale to 1 of 3 charities, you choose & be the change we all want to see.

  • Restore the Land donates to Greening Australia and $50 plants enough trees and shrubs to store 1 tonne of carbon dioxide.
  • End Violence Against Women supports the Un Women National Committee in Australia to help support and protect the women in Papua New Guinea who experience an up to 100% rate of regular violence and abuse. As little as $1 helps PNG women rebuild their lives and live free of violence.
  • Restore the Reef supports Greening Australia and the traditional owners working to restore The Great Barrier Reef , the world largest living organism and every $50 prevents 1 tonne of sediment reaching the Great Barrier Reef

As a responsible, sustainable and locally made label .skillings. is passionate about giving back , joining the wonderful i=change movement just felt natural. We can all be part of the change as part of our present and the future of our wonderful planet. 

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