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skillings , ‘wander ‘

The new skillings capsule began as a special collaboration with our friends at Warndu,  Rebecca Sullivan & Damien Coulthard, who hosted  Ngarku’adlu ( Lets Eat) at the Adelaide Film Festival in March  2021, with dining & picnicking experiences working with Indigenous Chefs including Clayton Donovan using locally sourced, seasonal & wild harvested produce with an emphasis on supporting Aboriginal enterprises.

Along with Warndu we are created some wearable pieces using organic cotton & a stunning print painted by incredible teacher & artist & Warndu's own Damien Coulthard. abut the print Damien said:

“ The beautiful thing about Aboriginal culture is learning about cultural expressions within your kinship.

Here Arruru and Mathari interact with their diverse environment communicating with their ancestors.

The black dots are symbolic of burnt out campfires over many thousands of generations moving across and caring for Yarta ( country ) . “

To celebrate the collaboration a limited  edition version of the 5 unique styles we be  available on proceeds being used to plant 4 trees per garment sold on the Warndu eco farm in the Clare Valley




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