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* team earth * upcycyled sport jersey mix



team earth jersey   * jersey 88 tuck, one of a kind....

from .skillings. dirt bike club collection the * team earth * up cycled jerseys are multiple retro jerseys from varied codes, (nfl, afl, league, nba ) taken apart & remastered back together, so each has multiple numbers & hopefully a spirit of unity.

this particular jersey features the numbers 88, 91 & 27 & TUCK .. a very excellent combo!

* featuring metallic silver skills embroidery and large floral S print these one of a kind pieces capture the spirit of adventure & outdoorsy good times... the good 'dirt' of life!

varying in sizes some could be worn layered & long or alone as a mini, some are definitely tops and look awesome pared back with the rev head skirt or dirt tie track shorts.. or layer over your own denim or cossie... 

* this jersey is more oversize & would fit s/m/l as a top or tunic/ mini 

* width at shoulder 63cm

* waist 54cmcm

* length at back 78cm

* length at front 74cm

* don't you love to imagine  each ones history, the fun it has had , the stories it could tell before it becomes part of yours..

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