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* tuxe lush * remastered vintage 1970's tuxedo shirt (small pleats)


* tuxe luxe remastered 1970's tuxedo shirts are all one of a kind *

* this vintage tuxedo shirt is listed as a medium & would suit a size 10/12 it has stunning tiny pleats with tiny scalloped edging, truly divine

* for the fun, fearless & adventurous at heart these one of a kind vintage remastered shirts are all embellished with embroidered symbols of love , power, hope & positive energy to keep you feeling uplifted & joyful in these times .. embroideries are bold black, magic metallic silver & subtle white on white.

* featuring a black lightning bolt, silver heart breaker, moon & stars on cuff, white floral back shoulder, black shooting start on back and scattered stars on shirt bodice.

*  these vintage shirts are in excellent condition  but please note as vintage shirts any small subtle marks are not a flaw but part of each pieces special one of a kind charm.

* don't you love to imagine  each ones history, the fun it has had , the stories it could tell before it becomes part of yours..

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