Skillings Fashion

We all seek joy. we all seek a connection, an urge to do good.
At .skillings. everyone’s welcome.

• joy •

Each garment is made with joy and embodies a hint of frivolity so you can feel elevated, celebrated, because life is serious enough.
Our philosophy is that wearing .skillings. and feeling joy should be symbiotic.

• connection •

It takes a village and each .skillings. garment is made with connection at heart.
The creation of every piece connects us with the land, with our makers, with you.
We want you to be a part of the journey, the experience is everything.
.skillings. is locally and ethically made in Australia connecting with the multitude of talented people in our local sphere.

• sustainability •

Sustainability is about connection. Our connection to the land., our connection to people, our connection to the future.
Each design is developed with a deep consideration of materials and regeneration.
Each garment is made from either natural, sustainable, organic, vintage or reclaimed materials.

• reclaimed •

Mother nature does not waste, so we work with reclaimed materials to give a new life to that which is already in the system.
Each collection uses elements that are reclaimed, vintage, deadstock or remnant.
Story one ‘fever dream believer ‘ features the ‘bateman stripe mix’ a trio of reclaimed men’s shirting fabrics, one of which is over printed with a whimsical floral, truly stamping it with the .skillings. sensibility.
Lace trims are vintage and remnant and therefore limited, so each piece becomes limited and special.
Laces update as they are used up.
Our .skillings. buttons are made of sustainable natural corozo nut.
.skillings. also riffs on nostalgic memories of the 70’s in Australia, vintage scouting badges, souvenir patches and pins and up cycled vintage denim jackets, shorts and t shirts, each one being numbered as one offs of a limited edition, denim jackets and shorts monogrammed to their new owners initials.

The .skillings. woman is every woman, tapping into the creative in all of us:

• irreverent • down to earth • conscious / considered • unique • fun • curious • we like to experience the world & all it has to offer.