Skillings Fashion

.skillings garments are made from natural fibres and are all professionally dry-cleanable.

With our motto of ‘do less harm’ in mind we encourage you to also consider hand-washing...

Our natural fabrics should be handled with care yet are very easy to look after, and if properly cared for will stand the test of time.

We recommend hand washing at 30 degrees with specialist detergent or dry cleaning.

When hand washing please wash like colours together and do not soak for longer than 15 minutes. Lightly squeeze out excess water, do not twist, rub or wring as the fabric can be damaged. It is best to dry the garment in the shade and lay flat on a towel or simply hang whilst damp.

To remove any slight wrinkles use a cool iron with a cloth between iron and fabric or a steamer carefully keeping the steam approximately 10cm distance from the fabric.

Certain sections of some garments have raw bias finishing or raw hems as part of their design. When the threads become longer than you like, simply trim gently with scissors, do not pull at threads.

Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Do not bleach.